NAVIGATOR project aims to boost 4P precision medicine in oncology by advancing translational research based on quantitative imaging and multi-omics analyses, towards a better understanding of cancer biology, cancer care, and, more generally, cancer risk. The project will deliver a technological solution relying on:

  • an open imaging Biobank, collecting and preserving large amount of quality, standardised imaging data and related omics data in a secure and privacy-preserving model. Data will include CT, MRI and PET data for various tumour settings, clinical data from regional healthcare services, molecular and liquid biopsy data
  • an open-science oriented Virtual Research Environment, available for medical researchers and general clinical stakeholders, to process the multi-omics data to (i) extract gold-standard and novel imaging biomarkers based on Radiomics analyses; and (ii) create and test digital patient models, through Big data analytics and Artificial Intelligence techniques, mining cancer phenotypes, stratified risks and responsivity to therapy.