EUropean Federation for CAncer IMages (EUCAIM) joins 76 partners to deploy a pan-European digital federated infrastructure of FAIR cancer-related de-identified images from Real-World. The infrastructure is designed to preserve the data sovereignty of providers, and provide a platform, including an Atlas of Cancer Images, for the development and benchmarking of AI tools towards Precision Medicine. EUCAIM will address the fragmentation of existing cancer image repositories by building on repositories of the AI4HI initiative, European Research Infrastructures and national/regional repositories and include clinical images, pathology, molecular and laboratory data. EUCAIM targets clinicians, researchers, and innovators, providing the means to finally build up validated clinical decision-making systems supporting diagnosis, treatment, and predictive medicine to benefit citizens. EUCAIM will define the legal grounds for the operation on a pan-European scale, adapting to the particularities of different countries on managing clinical data. EUCAIM will implement a federation of providers compliant with this legal ground, defining common data models, ontologies, quality standards, FAIR principles and de-identification procedures. EUCAIM will provide a comprehensive dashboard for data discovery, federated search, metadata harvesting, annotation and distributed processing, including federated and privacy-preserving learning. EUCAIM will build a central hub hosting the Atlas of Cancer Images, to enable development of trustworthy AI tools. EUCAIM will support new providers in building the federation and monitoring the distributed infrastructure. EUCAIM will align with the European Health Data Spaces initiative toward a sustainable flagship repository of high-quality data and tools. EUCAIM brings together clinical data providers, researchers, Research Infrastructures, and industry with mature solutions addressing the challenges of implementing such a cancer imaging infrastructure