EUSOMII on AIR interview

13 Jan. 2021 – Interview of Prof. Emanuele Neri from EUSOMII

In this first 2021 episode of EuSoMII on Air, Shah Islam and Merel Huisman interview Prof. Emanuele Neri (University of Pisa), who is one of the co-founders of EuSoMII about the early days of EuSoMII and the way imaging informatics was introduced as a well-defined domain of expertise in the European landscape of radiology. Prof. Neri also tells us about the  significance and value of the ongoing A.I. revolution that is taking place within the profession of radiology, and the importance of including basic knowledge about A.I. into the European Training Curriculum, for training the new generation of radiologists.–Jan–2021—Interview-with-Prof–Emanuele-Neri–co-founder-of-EuSoMII-eou0ld/a-a1ptlh